Monday, 30 September 2013

Happy Fall Everyone...
we’ve arrived to Autumn and we can really feel the change in temperature here.

It’s been a while since we’ve done any writing here and part of it has been with intent. The last time we posted up it was to say we were praying towards August as a defining month. Meaning that, we had spoken with directors of Camino Global about our position in respect to being able to leave later this fall and we had asked that at the end of August they give us their prognostic for a fall departure.

Well August has come and gone. The accountant has worked through the numbers and the board has met. The results came out that we do not have enough to consider a fall departure date...meaning that we wouldn’t be able to leave in either Oct, Nov or even in Dec....we were just that far off!! We had hoped to see our monthly support level increase and promised pledges come through, both of these didn’t happen to the level we need to be able to head out.

So...where do we go from here? This is the question we’ve asked ourselves and prayed over. We’ve spoken with Camino leadership, our pastors, trusted friends...we’ve prayed though and throughout these conversations. After much prayer and counsel we’ve decided to change our approach. We’ve spent two years waiting to have enough to be able to go fulltime and it hasn’t happened. Now our desire to go is still alive and our passion to serve the Lord has never been stronger, but what should we do? Well, we’re looking to serve the Lord as we can and right now it’s not going to be full time in, we’re going to look to be making short-term trips in the near future...until the Lord leads otherwise

There are some benefits to this. The biggest one I see is to make stronger connections between the Canadian churches here and the Mexican churches, and this also means strengthening relationships between us and fellow CAMINO missionaries.  For the immediate future we’ll go to support, encourage and serve as we can, where we can and for as long as the Lord leads/provides. Other benefits are that we’re able to strengthen relationships here; encouraging people to serve and think about short term and long term activities that will share Jesus. 

Anyways...we’re taking this change as a blessing from God and that He is in control and He has every detail ordered according to His purpose....”For me and my HOUSE we WILL SERVE the LORD!!” Jos 24:15

Jos 24:15  Y si mal os parece servir a Jehová, escogeos hoy a quién sirváis;… pero yo y mi casa serviremos a Jehová.

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