Thursday 9 June 2016

Good Morning
Another great day here in Waterloo. The weather is starting to change and warm again after a brief few days of cooler temperatures.
I am continuing to read along in a book called the Tangible Kingdom. It speaks to the heart or the person that has a love for God and desires to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ but feels unfulfilled in today's church. It speaks of a different style of Christianity of getting back to the more community minded Christianity where people get together and share Jesus out of a natural out pouring. Where there actions become loud testaments of their faith in Jesus long before they need say a word. Where people aren't afraid to mix and associate with all people, having them into their homes and being generous towards them. Their faith is solid in Jesus and their love for Him unquenchable.

Personally after being involved in missions for so many years, both part and full time I find the 'down time' extremely difficult. The time away always leaves me feeling like I'm sitting on the bench. When we lived in Calgary, because we couldn't make the trips, we pacified this feeling by having people in our home constantly. It was a great community of friends and became an awesome church experience. Yes, we still went to the building with four walls called "the church", but Christ's body became more than just the group we met Saturday evenings (radical idea from our Pastor to do church Saturday evening). The body became a group we did life with people came and went from the group as they transitioned through life, moving to the city and away, but the group was  always there. Some months we spent more time, some less. We shared the ups and downs.

It's become apparent that to feel fulfilled one needs to share...."no man is an island" type thing. Even people who are not "people"-people need to share. We want to share with you a desire to share Jesus with others. We're looking for ways to return to Mexico in the short term, because that's where we feel God has called and is calling us. We're looking to share locally, where we live...because we feel that's what God has called from all us.

Would you share with us? Would you pray with us as we look to fulfill God's will in our lives? Would you let us pray for you?

- for us God's will in regards to Mexico doors and closed doors, His will apparent!!


Happy Thursday!!