Saturday, 9 April 2016

Happy April!! .... well hopefully!!

This April has started off a little cooler than even most days we had in March and for us up here in Southern Canada its hard as we've been waiting, hoping, even longing for some warmer temperatures. I know that there are a few really weird Canadians up here that actually like the cold and good for you, but the rest of us a have hope of warmer days, sunshine, going out fishing like normal people, and of course, enjoying baseball is always better when its warm.
As we've been awaiting more warmer temperatures its given me more time to read and I've delved into an amazing find, The Tangible Kingdom. I don't know who bought, I don't think I did, but its been one incredible gem. I'm not going to give  anything away, I think you should discover this literary life-raft for yourselves. No Coles notes here!!

OK! not completely true, I will give one thing up about the book, and that its become absolutely clear to me that we can't do this thing along. We can't do life or do it well alone. We can try and manipulate and guard ourselves against intrusions by others but in the end we can never truly insulate ourselves and  the more we try, the more we increase the rot of our own souls. It's like trying to protect a wound with a dirty gauze. Although some sort of insulation or remedy is necessary we cannot self medicate with our own lack of power to heal the human soul. Our dirty hands and out of line perception only increase the disease in our spirit. We begin to become so entangled in our own sense of self and self worth we negate the value of others, we drift into the soul cancer of Narcissism. We need community, we need to be needed, and that also means we need to admit we need others as well. Physically, I can do almost anything, but understand how much more rewarding something as simple as sharing a meal is when you do it in Community. I can eat all the time, with people or without (may explain my pant size), but really special times in life come from sharing the same physical thing, food, with others.

I think following Christ is very similar. I can read my bible, pray for others and do all that without really getting involved or changing the way I live. Or I can begin to focus on the life of Jesus and think about how best to help someone else. How can I make someone else's life, road, journey easier.

We can't do this alone...that's my take away so far.

I would love to do Missions alone. Yes, I know that sounds weird. What I mean is, I'd love to win the lottery and have the ability to go and do missions when I wanted or where I felt called without having to rely on anyone else except God ... but its not like that! We need your help. We're looking at continuing to do short term trips to Mexico or wherever God opens the door as often as we can, but we can't do it alone. We're hoping, Lord willing to go to Mexico this summer to serve, but we can't do it alone... would you help?

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