Sunday, 24 April 2016

Good Evening all!! 

It's been a really good Sunday here. Our pastor is an amazing man gifted in preaching, but more importantly dedicated to "pastoring" the people...really rare. We've been really lucky to have had some really terrific pastors in our lives...Manuel and Amparo while we were in Calgary and now Pastor Nils and his wife. Finding people that are willing to walk through this life with you and support you and you with them is an incredible gift. We the people of God, redeemed by Jesus blood need to be a tangible expression to those around us. We want to touch the lives of the people who surround the area we live and work. We also have a heart to see the people of Mexico know the power of God, through Jesus Christ. 

We're really hoping to have the ability to go in July to help missionary friends host a music group as they present Christ through music  in a number of different venues.... we can't do this alone, we need your help. 

Will you pray for us as we prepare?

Will you pray for the group coming from California?

Would you consider helping cover the cost of our trip? We need about $2300 to cover flights, accommodations and food for Malu and I. At this time we're a little under $700 raised ...would you help? You can support us direct or through Camino Global. 

Well we're ending the month of April and that means we're a little more than two months away from the trip to Mexico City....would you help??


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