Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I know that we have been using this blog format to inform everyone more or less of our journey towards fulltime service. And also once deployed to keep an ongoing conversation with you about what God is doing b/c of us, meaning you and Malu and I...our partnership. That's what it is, we are truly partners and co-participants in this adventure. Each of us has a something to contribute, some of you will pray and some will give and some will come and work all along side us...we are thankful for each one of you and look forward to seeing how God is going to grow our faith as we move forward.

The other thing I wanted to chat about quickly was something I recently read. I've been reading through the Psalms and am always encouraged b/c you can see the struggle of David and the other writers as they deal with life's complications and how it intersects with their faith. They never run from their questions, they never hide their feelings. If you stop and read, you can see all the struggles of their heart and soul. In the midst of this, we see one of his questions; why does it seem that bad people prosper? It's a question that the Psalmist asks in a couple places. Today I read an interesting response...Ps 52:8 the psalmist speaks of being like and Olive tree....this has various metaphorical implications, but the easiest is that it produces fruit and has a long life. Where as the wicked are referred to as a bay tree (Ps37), whose leaves are larger, but it produces no fruit. Both prosper, both have green made me think!!

There is no eternity in what we have, there is only eternity in what we do with what we have!!

just a thought!!!


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