Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hey, how are you all?

Wow...what a busy month. At the start of April I began work with AMA insurance here in Calgary working in the Home/Auto and Travel insurance department. I had to take another course to be able to sell this type of insurance and thank the Lord I studied and passed within my first week with AMA.
After that I've been taking a number of courses from AMA to handle their products.
In combination with all this going on I've been doing a little side carpentry work for friends of ours. They decided to replace a number of doors in their house and install a new custom cabinet in their bedroom...with permission I'll take some photos and post 'm next week.

Malu is still enjoying her work at the Dental Lab, but is looking forward to moving ahead with Camino/CAM and returning to Mexico. We have some exciting news to share with you all and are planning on having a prayer letter out before the middle of May that will give some incredible news...SO STAY TUNED!!!

Mexico is rocking as well. The team down there has bought property and getting ready to begin building a new church. They've been working hard and have a sizeable group and now they need a building. God has been supplying their needs and its' incredible to see.

I have a lot more I'd like to share, but I'll keep some in reserve for next post...


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Brad Penner said...

Thanks for the update. We hope you will be on your way to Mexico sooner rather than later. Not that we want you gone but we know that you are called to go. Hope our reno's are done before you leave. Yes you can post pictures if you want.