Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Quick post...Malu and I took the bikes out on sunday to enjoy good weather in Canmore...awesome day!! We biked around the river and saw some great views of the river. It was so clear, a blue/green color and deep enough to swim in and yet not so deep that you couldn't see the bottom. Too bad its still really cold...then again I don't know if it ever truly warms up.
The real reason for this post is in the picture bellow. Yes, Malu!! We need you guys to help us pray. We've sent off her application for Citizenship, no this is not the big news (stay tuned to your mail...or Danny & Julie to your email). We're looking for God's favor as we move towards her citizenship. Please pray that the application would be well received and processed in a timely manner.
Thanks....God Bless!!

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