Monday, 25 February 2013

Mission Fest 

Wow! What a weekend!! Malu and I ran up to Edmonton saturday afternoon to spend a little time with friends and to meet up with some of our CAM/Caminoglobal family. Charlene, Cam's director in Canada, had flownin from ON and Dennis and Sharon, CAM's western reps, we're all at the conference. Below is a picture of Malu and Charlene arriving to the conference together.
We had a great time connecting with our fellow CAM'rs. Although, I must say that was not the highlight. We ran into one of the missionaries I heard about growing of our own personal Hudson Taylors...his name is David Block...he and his wife worked in Turkey, before it was legal or easy, also in China and Nepal (I think). Anyways, what a privilege to have a chance to talk with him and about all that God has done through him. We talked about a favorite story of mine from his life...another example of how God goes something like this...David knew he was heading to a place with his family that he needed outdoor gear, camping stuff! He was headed to a place where there was no holiday Inn. So, he tells me, that before a church service he prayed to the Lord and asked the Lord for the finances and went into church with the faith that God would provide. After leaving the service and gentleman stopped him and asked him, "David, what do you need?" and as David tells it he begins by telling the usuall,"Prayer, more faith, good health for his family...ect.", but the gentleman interupted him and said "No!, really" rubbing his thumb and fore fingers together, "what do you need? Money David!"..."Oh!" David replies "Well, I think about 500 bucks!" (remember this was more than 20 years ago and five hundred was not huge, but a sizeable sum back then...well still is, but you know what I mean). Anyways, the gentleman told him " need a 1000 dollars." And he wrote him a as David tells it he went to the store and looked for the prodcuts he needed and the things on sale, best price for all he had to buy, for him and his family. By the time he was done he had spent 997.98 dollars and 2 dollars for parking....he left with only two minas. God provided exactly what he needed, when he needed it. Praise God!!
These are some of the great stories you get to here from missionaries...please if you have the chance take the time to ask one you know, what God has done through them...or maybe you could be their gentleman partner!!

Enjoy your week!!


Jim said...

Glad to hear you had a good time! Hey, I remember David Block too. :)


Brad said...

God is so Good. Always supplies what we need. Sometimes way more than we need. Thanks for sharing.