Monday, 28 January 2013

Well we're almost out of January. Praise the Lord!!! Although its been seasonally warmer here than normal, its still cold and looking to be really cold the next couple of days.

I thought I'd write a quick blurb about what's going update!! We finished off 2012 at 100% of the funds we need to leave...these funnds cover travel, arrival and setup expenses. We're also at 50% of the funds needed on a monthly basis for us to live and do ministry....these all came in response to prayer and God's faithfulness and your partnership. We're praying towards having all the funds available before 2013 finishes...once we pass the 80% mark we can look at an actual date for departure.

Currently, Malu is working for a dental lab as a tech and enjoying the work very much. Julian has made a change and is working for a company that handles issurance for Union members. This move has allowed Julian to focus more time on preparing for ministry in Mexico, praise the Lord.

We have a good friend who is working in Mexico right now, who we will be joining. His name is Rod Fry and his blog is we're preparing to leave we invite you to checkout Rod's postings to see firsthand notes of the current ministry.

Also, please pray and ask how the Lord is leading YOU! Could it be that God wants you to GO....maybe to Mexico, maybe some where else....maybe short term or maybe more!! The first step is to pray and see what the Lord asks of YOU!!

God Bless....more posts to follow as we journey toward LIFT OFF!!!

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