Saturday, 1 December 2012

Brother Hector
Our Church Christmas Party!!
Although we weren't even in December yet, our church was held our Christmas party this past friday. It was awesome, the food was awesome...the ladies of the church organized a potluck of sorts with members cooking up different dishes as requested...some made salads. others things like mash potatoes and rice dishes and some, like us, cooked up a turkey...oh and of course there were the desserts, wow!!
We enjoyed an awesome time of getting together with friends and even got a little taste of Mexico as Hector (pictured above) sang a couple Christian Mariachi tunes and I tell you he can sing. Malu and I used to go see the Mariachis sing in Reynosa when we were dating and this guy can hold his own.
We're looking forward to Christmas and the great time it always is. Are you? What's your favorite part of Christmas?
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