Saturday, 24 November 2012

Awesome night at church...

we had an incredible night at church. Len and Mariane Geddar, they work for SEND international, they shared tonight about their new adventure as God is leading them as mobilizers throughout Latin America. Pretty cool!!

We were able to share with our church about how God is moving in our lives and to celebrate as He continues to provide more support. We also shared about CAM's/Camino Global's summer interships and I think we might have one or maybe two that our interested in going to Mexico from our church...that would be awesome to see youth that we know on the mission field.

When we shared with our church we setup a visual symbolizing the walls of Jericho... we built a little dsiplay with walls. On the inside are some photos of the ministry that is in Mexico and also a photo of a famous landmark in Mexico city. Our congregation was really emotional as we took down some of the walls; demonstrating the percentage of support to have come in through donations and promises. Below is a picture of our display table with the tumbled down walls. This whole journey has been an awesome time of building relationships with our church family!!!

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