Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Hockey Weekend in Canada!!
This Past weekend Malu and I were able to visit some good friends just outside Regina. The picture above is the Jeep we bought this summer. We had originally bought a TJ, but found out during our trip to Colorado, for the CAM conference, that it was just too small. We were able to sell it and then purchase this vehicle with the money we made on the TJ. It was awesome because this Jeep came with snow tires, which we put to the test friday night as we drove through one of western Canada's great winter snow storms. We received about 20 cm (~8 in.) while on route but God was with us and we arrived safe and sound at our friends Miles and Louise's house (pictured above)
We enjoyed a weekend hanging out with our friends and their four boys. So, of course as being the great Canadians that they are the weekend invoved a couple trips to the rink to see the boys play. Above is a picture of Jackson (#8) as he prepares for the faceoff during one of his games.

On the way home we encountered some of the coldest temperatures we'd seen all weekend...yes, for our American friends, that is -19 C (-2.0 F) ... and yes, it's even really cold for us.

Despite the snow and the cold it was an awesome weekend and we're so thankful for great friends like Miles and Louise.

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