Sunday, 4 November 2012

Great Day in Edmonton
Malu and I ran up to Edmonton for the day to visit some friends we hadn't seen since last Christmas. My friend Sheldon and I took the opportunity to do a little bonding over some gun powder and paper targets. I don't know, whether it's fishing poles and lures or guns and ammo those are things that bring two guys into a common bond. It was nice to meet up with Sheldon and his wife Sos Mary, they've been great friends. 

I think friendship is one of the great blessings from God. Those people you meet and develope a connection with. The kind of people that because of life's circumstance you could pass years without seeing each other or talking, yet when you do finally connect, it feels like it was just yesterday that you spoke. There is comfort there, a natural rythm, a sense of security...Michael W. Smith wrote a song friends are friends forever, and although maybe its been over played and over used the truth still remains...great friends, when they're christian friends will last an eternity.

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