Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Good Tuesday Morning 
It’s been an exciting time here the last couple weeks. Our time here is almost up, we’ll be heading north now in just two short weeks...actually less. We need to be at the border on the 15th of December because of Julian’s visa and the visa for the JEEP...and Praise the Lord she is running. We’ll be home in Canada for Christmas...wwoohhoo...please pray for safe travels as we journey north.

This last weekend we were in one of the two Camino Churches in our area. It was a really amazing service. The worship time was really good and the services here always have a public time of thanking the Lord. People stand up and publicly thank the Lord for the work He’s doing in their lives and encourage those around them that God does love them and does care and is involved.

 We were able to pray for a missionary, from Mexico, who is going to Uruguay to serve the Lord. It’s exciting to see the church here now beginning to send out missionaries to other nations. The state of the church  in Mexico is changing and with it, its needs are beginning to change as well. Please pray for this missionary, David, as he travels to Uruguay on Dec 6, to begin work there. Uruguay is a difficult field with many different obstacles. 

  Mat 9:38  Rogad, pues, al Señor de la mies, que envíe obreros a su mies. 


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