Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Another Week in Mexico goes by...

We had an activity with both youth groups on Saturday. It was the first joint youth meeting that they've had and it was awesome. We started with a teaching time and skit activity, where the kids modeled some bad behaviors we were discussing that exist in the church today. After we had some wicked activity time. Normally we meet from 5-6 pm on Saturday...which means 5-6:30 or so, however b/c of the new style we met at 4pm and stayed together until 7:30-8 pm. It was super encouraging watching the kids bond and form good friendships that well pay dividends their whole life. 

This was last Friday...moving the Jeep from the Chrysler Dealership to the Christian Mechanic's business.

 However difficult its been, this time was not without its blessings as well. We were able to sit down and eat with the mechanic and talk about our love for Jesus. Sharing how God has continued to look-out for us, although we couldn't always see His plan til some things had come to fruition. It was a great time. The Mechanic, whose name is Hector, also shared his wonderful Christian heritage with us and the blessings he's received from having a Christian mother who put God first and loved to pray.

This is a picture of Hector's church. He's been attending there for more than 30 yrs. It was his mother that had donated the property for the church to be built there. Hector is an amazing person who loves to serve his God; he is active in his church with the youth program, and also sponsors kids to go on youth retreats from his business. Seeing godly businessmen, that are willing to use what God has blessed them with to further the Lord's work, is such a blessing. It has been really cool seeing our friends, who own businesses, invest in Kingdom work, we are thankful for all of you who seek not, to use all of their blessings on themselves; because of you, we have confidence to pray that God would send more people to the mission field and we need more people ready to support them, pray for them, and love on them. God has blessed us richly so that we may bless others.

Mat 9:38  Therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest that He will send out laborers into His harvest. 

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