Saturday, 6 September 2014

RICE Christians

Good Afternoon

I've had a phrase troubling me for a while and I think this might be a forum to discuss it. Maybe not so much a pure discussion as one would have at an open table, as I'm the one doing the majority of the writing, but I would like to see and do encourage input on this. I guess I'm struggling with this concept of ... RICE CHRISTIANS...
Webster defines as  a convert to Christianity who accepts baptism not on the basis of personal conviction but out of a desire for food, medical services, or other benefits (Sept 06/2014)
 Does this concept and the fact that it is so prevalent bother anyone else besides myself? 
Does it bother anyone else that someone would have to feign an interest in Jesus Christ to receive food or the medical attention that they need?
And once that person has capitulated and done what was demanded of them, accept Jesus, profess faith, receive baptism, who is to judge that it was sincere enough to warrant the food or medical attention that they need?
When you do this do you see Jesus over your shoulder nodding in approval? Do you see Him saying, "well done, make sure they've fully committed before we show kindness, compassion and love."?

I know that I've coming at this on a real steep angle, but I've been struggling with this since I've heard the concept and its been fermenting, festering and I need to understand it. Clearly, when people come to Christ we want it to be an honest and open decision with nothing held back, as we see Christ demonstrate in the gospels. But shouldn't our capacity to love all, be our hallmark?Showing kindness to whomever. Making sure that the kindness they receive from us is not dependant on if they accept Christ as their saviour... although as we abide in Christ and He in us as Christ abided in the Father, knowing that the rejection is not ours to defend or be offended of for it is Christ and God, it is their love and sacrifice that is rejected. 
It was not our pain and suffering that has given mankind the ability to know God, but God's. I have read the word and studied it,and before we go that direction and we will, this discussion or concept cannot be based upon what I feel or what you feel, it must be based upon what God says. However, for know I am content to know what you think and from where you derive that thought, what have you based your perception upon? I want to hear your comments. To have someone say I have had this experience and I read here, this article/passage and because of these things I believe such-and-such. My point in all this is not simply discuss but bring this discussion to its best possible conclusion, action. Action based upon a discussion of a concept that has been defined by God's word, not by what I think or feel, or what seems to be the majority thought, but by the inherent word of God. If this concept holds water, then we need to see it for what it is and we need to change our behaviour, if by chance it doesn't then again we need to alter our behaviour so that God is glorified and by all means we point people to Christ. Let the burden of whether they chose Him or not to rest upon His shoulders, only that we should not be a stumbling block. So, please...let's discuss and grow.

I think that's enough for now....comments?

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