Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I wanna let you know how cool God is...all of you know the trials and tribulations we've suffered through the hands of our JEEP and its Transmission. 

Well as you may or may not have heard, we were taking it into the Chrysler Dealership this past Friday, we had been in early that week (Wednesday)but had not planned on leaving it for any period of time so we re-booked for this past Friday. Well, on the way in we had some issues...the Jeep transmission was limping at best and b/c of great Mexico city traffic the vehicle overheated....and so did the tranny. Luckily we were pulling off the road at that point and parked the vehicle in a parking lot and called a tow truck. About a little over an hour later he arrived and towed us in to the dealership. We spoke with the guy and he said," Well, sounds like you burnt everything and its going to be 7700 pesos just to drop the transmission and take a look." The previous Wednesday it was only going to cost 2700 pesos for a scan and diagnostic...we have a problem in the electrical and it needed to be properly found. I told them I don't think we need to drop it and please just check the transmission electrical as requested before...that's all. Well, after leaving it there we thought, Lord, what are we going to do?, we can't pay a huge amount. We're in Mexico City, 250kms from San Juan del Rio, where the other transmission shop was, and even if we could get our vehicle there, there is no guarantee they'll honor the guarantee in whole or in part. The dealership had quoted 60k-70k pesos to rebuild the transmission and 90k pesos for a new one. God...our hands are tied, we don't have the power to do anything. We prayed and waited for the diagnosis...

TODAY it came....20K pesos for a new Valve body in the transmission. WOW! 
That's alot!! 
We began to phone tow companies to see about the cost of transport back to the transmission shop and we put a call in to the mechanic to see if they would honor the guarantee. 

In the process of calling different places we phoned one of Malu's friend's family...didn't know, but they have a transmission shop in Mexico City. First off he offered the lowest price we had yet received to take our vehicle back to San Juan del Rio, then through the conversation he said " you know, I do a lot of work for Pastors and missionaries and I would be honored to help you out."
Bring it here and I'll check it out and see exactly what it needs and then you can decide what you'd like to do. Our shop specializes in transmissions, its what we do and  I'll give you a special rate.... wow!...Praise God!! 

Have you ever been to that place where you can't see a way? Have you ever been there, where there is a raging river in-front of you and two steep canyon walls on either side and defeat breathing down your neck, so close you know what his last meal was? Have you ever been there where you look at all you have and all you can do and there is no way out, as you can see? Where the only option you have is to pray? Have you been there??

It's my God that meets people there...it's my God that can move people beyond there...it's my God who has done it for me, for us!! 

Praise be to GOD!! 

Thank you all so much for your prayers and thank God because He cares and answers prayers!! 


Julian y Malu 

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