Sunday, 24 August 2014


Thank you all for your prayers and support!! We arrived this last week in IXTAPALUCA and have begun adjusting to life in the city. 

The car ran well this trip and thankfully the second repair job had fixed what didn't get taken car of on the first go round. 

We wanted to take this time and let you know what we had been up to in Amealco for the last two months or so. 

Once we arrived and settled in we began a ministry Shadow with Brock and Heather. We attended their church and also the bible studies they gave through out the week. 
We looked for ways that we could serve in the community and the missionaries themselves. We did some clean-up on the property they have outside of Amealco in a BODEGA (Barn)

During our time there, there was a camp put on for youth ,just a little up the road from us. We were asked to help out and we were very happy to be involved. We handled some of the services around the camp as well as taking care of the Tuck shop, and we did a little cooking in the kitchen. It was good week to see all the youth come and want to know Jesus. 

When we came to Amealco we also wanted to be a blessing to the missionaries that live there full-time. We considered several projects and finally decided upon a construction project for them. 
When we Arrived their kitchen looked like this...

As you can see the cabinets they had, had nothing to keep cooking utensils clean or food stuffs safe. When we left they had cabinets underneath the counter here and a whole new bank to the left. When we moved they had yet to pick out a set of pulls for the drawer fronts, but all had been built, painted and ready for use. The picture below shows the almost finished project. As I had mentioned the pulls and drawer fronts just needed to be mounted and installed, but you can get a real idea of the kitchen. Once Brock mounts the fronts and installs the pulls he'll send me along a picture and you can all see the work in its "finished" state. 

The last Sunday in Amealco I was able to preach and the Lord had given me a word about the Lord's Prayer. It was cool to see how Jesus' example of how to pray holds so much information in a few simple phrases. As we look to follow His example in our lives, we can see how His prayer is an example of not only how to pray, but also how to live. There are a number of people in the church whom had come out of a Catholic background and were familiar with the prayer, yet had never contemplated the significance of the phrases Jesus uses and what those mean in light of Him. It was a good Sunday. 

As we're setting up here to begin ministry...we're looking at English classes and few other forms of outreach to give us a chance to make friends...maybe some dinner parties included?? We'll see where the Lord leads. 

Please Pray that the Lord would open doors and people's hearts and that this would be a time where we would be able to glorify God and serve Him. Introducing people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God.

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