Friday, 16 May 2014

Hello . . . or as we're going to be saying a lot more of HOLA!! 

I thought I'd do a small post . . . meaning short . . . , just to give you all a snap shot of the HILTON we'll be staying at in Mexico City. Obviously, from these two shots, its nothing plush but praise the Lord it has a couple very important things for us. The cactus . . . no!! Sorry, we love cactus and some times we even eat them, they are delicious, but more simple . . . a small patio space behind the house. 

Also, if you look lower down you'll see the front shot. No, it not our car! There is a fence! Yes, we're grateful for the fence. We're bringing our vehicle down for several reasons, but I was a little concerned about parking it on the street and Praise the Lord we don't have to. 

These are just a couple shots that can help you visualize when you think about Malu and Julian in Mexico. 



Spanish Verse of the day ...Heb 13:8  Jesucristo es el mismo ayer, y hoy, y por siempre.

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