Monday, 15 October 2012

Happy Monday!!

Just a quick note...we started working with the youth from our church about two weeks ago now.  We meet with them on Friday for a casual talk time and games. It’s funny, we’ve had two of these Friday sessions with them and the questions they ask are awesome. I think that’s gotta be one of the greatest joys as a youth leader or for that matter any type of leader or teacher when your students, for lack of a better term, begin to look to assimilate biblical knowledge into their own lives and begin to question things. Praise the Lord for a terrific group.

We’ve got one prayer request and it’s for more balance within our youth group. We have a large number of junior highs and of those mostly girls, so for the sake of the seniors and particularly the senior boys we ask you to pray that the Lord bring more boys into the group, so that the boys that are there would feel a sense of belonging.  Our young men are in so much danger these days, they really need to be able to feel accepted within our have good Christian men there to mentor and coach them. If we don’t get more boys, logically we’re not going to have more men later on, so it’s important that the young men find a place to belong and a place that pushes them to grow.


Thanks for your attention!!


God Bless!!!

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