Thursday, 30 August 2012

A fear of mine!!
I've been thinking about writing to this issue for a while now and upon opening up my facebook and seeing this displayed I could hold my feelings or thoughts no longer...personally I do not look as the "muslim invasion", as some people are fond of calling it, as something to be scared of. If I were of the mindset that they could actually win and God was not in control maybe, but neither are the case. Although, I do believe that we should be aware of some of the extremist motives, not all Muslims are bent on world domination.

I would rather we take the stand as Christians as the most hospitable neighbor that they've ever met. Instead of looking at them with eyes of disgust and reproach, maybe we should look on them with love. Maybe, when they show up in your neighborhood, our neighborhoods or my neighborhood, we should be the first to greet them and welcome them. Invite them over, deliver whatever help we can and remember we serve the King of kings and He brought them here for you to model His love to them.

That's right....maybe God almighty, Jehova is bringing the Muslims to the West, beause we would not go to the east. Maybe He is bringing them here so that they may have a chance to hear an untainted account of who He is and what He's done for them...the same He did for us. When Jesus came to give sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf and freedom to the you think He might have included the Muslims as well?

History is full of accounts of people who came on less than hospitable terms because Christians would not go. (I'd like to thank Perspectives for the following info) When Christianity came to Rome and Italy the Christians would not go north to evangelize the Goths and in 400 a.d. the result is that the Barbarians sac Rome. Charlemagne came to power later on in the again Christian Europe, and he did not want to go and evangelize even farther north, the Scandanavians. 800 a.d. the Northman invade lower Europe sacing cities and churches. If we refuse to go, God does not quit working. He'll bring the mission field to your doorstep.

On a personal level, I've met two muslim men while working here in the trades. Both of whom are great people. The first Ali is a painter and I've had a couple of very frank discussions with him about life and faith. On one account he told me of his last trip home. Ali told me of a conversation he had with his family. He had been thinking about returning home to Iraq, but he also began to explain to his brother of his life here. He told him of when he first arrived in Canada of how someone helped find his stuff and fill out the papers he needed and pointed him in the right direction. He told me how that type of treatment he would never have received back home. He told me how he related his life to his family and they coudln't believe, it was nothing like they were taught to believe how the west was. The final council he got from his brother's a better life there in Canada, don't come home.
Have you given the person that has arrived on your doorstep a view of the west, that was not what they expected? Have you been able to make them doubt what they've been told about the west, and about Christians? Have you shown Jesus' love in a way they cannot deny?....maybe you haven't...but can you?

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