Monday, 20 August 2012

Goodafternoon, this my atempt and being more active in communication.

Well, we made it back from Colorado with our little Jeep... but sadly, we found her lacking in things we'd need as we venture out into ministry. A few of them were...
...Entry into the back seats was difficult at best and moving people around in ministry in Mexico or anywhere else made things cumbersome and awkward.
...There was no AC in the jeep, although the top could come off, our trip to Colorado with temperatures around 95-100 F or 35-38 C  it became apparent that this(AC) would be something well used in Mexico...go figure we never found the necessity in Calgary!!
...The size of the vehicle became another draw back for longer trips. Although a smaller vehicle is really good for running around in the city , out on the road not so much...we need a little more space inside.
These were a couple things that really affected our decision and we're glad that we were able to test the Jeep out before making the move to Mexico.
So, SHE HAD TO GO.... C'est la vie o asi es la vida!!! hope that's right!! Don't really write french... or checking above, english either!!!
We sold her for a good price and used the money to invest in a new JEEP.......a jeep grand cherokee....2005...... with about 180 000km...hence within our price range, but she runs well and will do us well.
Photos to stay tuned...

Thanks for your continued prayers as we tune up to head to Mexico!!!
God Bless!!

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