Monday, 12 March 2012

Good Morning, we've been encouraged to setup a blog in order that our friends and family can stay better connected with our happenings as we prepare to leave for Mexico as full time missionaries. This being the inaugural blog I would like to explain a little of where we're headed and why.

Malu and I met on the mission field over six years ago now. I was working for AIM in Matamoros Mexico and she came in as a translator for the week. I can say that it was divine destiny that the Lord put us together, how else can you explain a boy from Saskatchewan and a girl from Monterrey finding one another and having the same vision to share Jesus. We spent a little over a year and a half serving with AIM before returning to Canada.
Since returning home we've searched for what the Lord would have us do. Both of us knew, even before we met, that the Lord had a design for us to serve in Mexico, so now began the great question of, "We're in Canada, so what do we do?"
...well, we began with finding work and then asking the Lord, "where do we go from here?"...and we began to ask the Lord for guidance as to if and how we should return to Mexico. Through prayer the Lord led us to CAM (soon changing to CAMINO GLOBAL). We applied and were accepted, a definite confirmation from God for His will. We were given a vision, and then the Lord prepared a route or vehicle to go. He gave us a destination and a purpose and now we're preparing to follow His leading.
We're in the process of finding partners for ministry. People who will pray and support God's work in Mexico. We're setup to be part of a church planting team south of Mexico city, in a place called Ixtapaluca. Mexico has a great need. Last week at church I spoke with a christian brother who explained to me that there was no one, not a single missionary in his town back home in Vera Cruz. Mexico has a huge population that needs to know Jesus and the beautiful life He offers to everyone who follows Him.


Rod said...

Glad to see you started your blog! Look forward to reading more...

Malu and Julian's mission adventures said...

Thanks...I thought the arctic background would be pretty relevant.